Utility Token Of The Elrond Network

Provides tangible utility to holders, allowing the ability to stake, swap and receive.

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Staking Launchpad

Gain profit and engage in upcoming projects.

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Atomic Swap

Swap ESDT tokens with ERC20 and BEP20 tokens.

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Allow projects to lock their team or LP tokens.

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LP Farming

Gain further passive income with high APRs.

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BitX Finance

The BitX Finance platform is a new ESDT project built exclusively on the Elrond Network, our project provides tangible utility to our holders, allowing the ability to stake, swap and receive unrivalled benefits from our token through the unique products and partnerships we have established.

BitX will be the first platform on the Elrond Network to bolster investor confidence in upcoming ESDT projects. BitX will do this by allowing teams and projects to lock their tokens and liquidity through our unparalleled BitLock mechanism.

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Road Map

Please note that the Road Map will be updated after every quarter on a rolling basis. New products and features will be a recurring theme as we evolve through this journey.

2022 Q1

  • Deploy BitX smart contract
  • Set up all social channels
  • Whitepaper release
  • Branding application for Elrond Network
  • Website development
  • Pre-Sale Contract development
  • AMA events
  • Pre-Sale 1

2022 Q2

  • Development of BitX Platform
  • Staking Launchpad
  • NFT minting
  • Pre-Sale 2
  • New webpage design
  • Development of BitLock locking mechanism
  • Development of LP farms
  • NFT staking
  • Maiar Exchange listing

2022 Q3

  • NFT platform expansion
  • Development of Atomic Swap utility
  • Further expansion of the BitX Platform
  • Major marketing campaign
  • Adding new staking pools
  • CEX listings


  • Total Supply: 35,000,000
  • BitX ESDT: BTX-0f676d
  • Max Circulationg Supply: 31,150,000

The tokenomics that we are employing are simple yet effective. We have kept in mind future ventures and possibilities as we look at BitX from a long-term, rather than short-term perspective.

8% Private Sale: 2,800,000
10% Team: 3,500,000
11% Treasury: 3,850,000
10% Rewards: 3,500,000
6% R & D: 2,100,000
25% Liquidity: 8,750,000
30% CEX Listings: 10,500,000

*Note public sale allocation will be deducted from the CEX listing which is at 30%

Mint BTX VIP Pass Cards

Holders of a BTX NFT VIP PASS will have access to monthly reward lotteries which will be drawn for the varies different tiers with access to special staking pools and the ability to mint future NFT collections that will be released on our NFT minting platform.


With the Elrond Network in the advanced stages of developing their bridges to other blockchains, BitX will have a swap platform, which will also serve as an ‘Atomic Swap’ utility.

Eventually, this will allow for ESDT assets to be swapped with other ERC20 and BEP20 tokens. This chain agnostic approach and feature will allow holders to engage with blockchains outside of the Elrond Network, broadening their investment breadth and perspective.

What is BTX token?

The BTX token is primarily a utility token, with our flagship utility being BitLock, our token and liquidity locking mechanism. Future ESDT projects building on the Elrond Network will have the option to lock team tokens and liquidity tokens with our platform, thus encouraging a safer, more assured environment for investors to support and ultimately invest in those projects.

Where will BitX be deployed?

BitX will be deployed through the Elrond Network, with a token supply of only 35 million tokens of which, only 31.15 million will ever in circulation. Both scarcity of supply and inimitable utility make the BitX token a great investment for the future.

Do BTX holders have the option to stake?

BTX holders will have the option to stake their BTX through our staking launchpad. This will result in holders acquiring a variety of ESDT tokens, growing their portfolio as they gain access to projects that are in their infancy. We will also be introducing farming, this will provide an extra value-adding mechanism to holders to gain passive income.

What is LP Farming?

Our platform will feature LP farming. Holders who provide LP tokens to the BitX pool on the Maiar Exchange (MEX), will also be able to stake their LP tokens at our own LP farms, earning additional rewards through LKMEX at a high APR. BitX will also feature the BitX NFT platform, where holders will have the ability to stake and mint NFTs. This will provide BitX with a foothold in the Elrond NFT market economy. We envision a path that will nurture exponential growth in Elrond NFT markets in the coming years. This is all backed by the utility of ‘true ownership’ that Elrond smart contracts possess.